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Learn potent & practical tools and keys which open the door to Sensual Embodiment, Inner Connection & Empowered Sexuality with these online meditations & practices.

"“I’m receiving such pleasure, vitality, and rejuvenation from regularly practicing Sonja’s Shakti offerings. The practices are so enjoyable and short enough to fit into my day. Thank you Sonja!” "

Spiritual Care Provider in Hospitals

"I must say of all the many things I have tried in my life to feel good and aligned I have found your practices one of the most powerful and feel grateful that I found your work. Thank you for putting it out there and making it available! "

Clare- UK
Massage Therapist

I have created these Meditations to support your journey as a woman


$69 USD

Lay back and be expertly guided to connect to your feminine energy with the complete set of guided meditation journeys including Sexual Healing Practices, Breast massage, Yoni Activation, Heart & Womb Healing & more

$12 USD

Kick start your Yoni Egg Practice
in a beautiful way with this 30 minute guided Meditation to establish a sweet and nourishing Yoni Egg Practice ( egg NOT included)

The Shakti Flows Morning Practice Series

Begin your day feeling like a Vibrant Sensual Woman with the full set of feminine practice videos.

Activate YOUR Feminine Yoga & Tantra Practice HERE

"I love Sonja Shradha Devi's Shakti Flows series for women. They are really enjoyable movement meditation practices fusing taoist chi gong, yoga moves, meditation, dance, that help me ground myself and cultivate my energy for the day. The series has 5 different practices and I love them all ! They are sensual, effective, fun, meditative, and really guide me back to feeling juicy when I've been feeling low. these practices are really a golden tool to nurture the inner Goddess. "

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Jade eggs set of 3

Go here to find out more info on one on one sessions 

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"I have learnt new ways to relate to my female body, I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world."

Vanya London
Full time mother

"I feel like a completely different person, I feel incredible finally having found my inner feminine through the exercises we have done. This work is very powerful and i am so grateful for your devotion to the Sacred Feminine. With all my heart, thank you"

Personal Trainer

"Words cannot express how this work has helped me to accept who I am!.”"

Empowerment Coach

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