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Welcome to the Journey


This is your invitation to

- Stop putting off feeling awesome in your skin.

- Disconnect from draining patterns that keep you tense and tired.

- Claim a paradigm of inner ease and sensual connection that supports your deepest purpose

 And Dive into your juicy feminine flow
for a year of juiciness, inspiration and self love in 2018

If you have been running patterns of

- Judging yourself and your body - Burning the candles on both ends rather than listening to and honoring your needs - Getting stuck in addictive patterns (and low self worth stuff) - Getting habitually tired and wired and cranky, tense, and frustrated

… And you want to invite the feminine qualities of ease, trust, creativity and succulence into the way you live, love and work.. Then this 7-day feminine empowerment journey is for you!

Receive as part of the journey ;

Daily Guidance videos with an ‘Essential Sensual Key’ (and corresponding sensual action plan)- direct to your Inbox

Valentines day Deep Love Activation Yeah baby, lets use this love centred day to do ‘the work’ to access REAL Deep Love-both within and without)

Daily Sensual Plug in’s and Q&A         Rock up, lay down, breathe deep with your sisters and anchor rejuvenating practices into your life AND get your questions answered in this daily live call (completely optional)

Sister support in private FB group

'Ready for Expansion' Graduation Ritual


This Sensual Empowerment journey  is designed to carry you....

into this next year 

and the next phase of your life

as the

Sensually-connected Radiant woman you were born to be.






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