Activate your Shakti !


Free  Training Series
for Women




Learn skills and practices that ignite your natural Feminine Vitality


 Feminine Vitality practices offer you a way to

ENERGIZE yourself and


HARNESS the POWER of your  life force energy 


To stay VIBRANT and JUICY...












Hey, my name is Sonja Shradha Devi and I created this video series to offer a fun and informative introduction to the kinds of feminine practices that I offer.


Your Shakti is your feminine power.

it is that vital aliveness in your body


 In this FREE Series I will be showing you how

to get more in touch with this

embodied feminine power of yours.

Learn How to:

πŸ’— Tap into your feminine flow and activate your 'shakti power'

πŸ’— Release the ‘old stuff ‘ that keeps you stuck

πŸ’— Invite in fresh vital energy into your body and your life

πŸ’— Access your sensual essence and innate juiciness

Feminine Practices assist with the following issues:

πŸ’— Low self confidence and motivation


πŸ’— Excess weight and body image issues


πŸ’— Low energy / adrenal fatigue Low Libido


πŸ’— Excess thought and worry


πŸ’—Lack of connection to your Feminine energy and power!

I hope that you enjoy this

Journey of Exploration

of your potential as a Woman

and look forward to sharing

with you more!!

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