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Shradha has over 10 years of experience holding workshops, retreats and rituals in the UK, Bali, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Hawaii, India, Thailand and Australia. From private workshops at exclusive retreats to massive events at festivals those who attend her workshops report having deeply transformative experiences and feeling safe as they are taken lovingly out of their comfort zone into an expanded experience of themselves. It is Shradhas deepest passion to facilitate potent opportunities for collective healing, evolution and embodied empowerment, Check out the upcoming events below or go to the contact page to express your interest in hosting her…

















Group Journey Begins 30th September

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Rebirth Retreat

Bali Jungle 


Sexual Healing &

Deep Empowerment


for Women



 20th-25th November 2019 



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Radiant Feminine Bali Retreat 2020


Reclaim your Radiance &

Cultivate your unique balance as a woman


Join us for a deeply nourishing immersion into

Ayurveda • Feminine Yoga • Sensual Chi gung •Dance

 Womb Healing • Sisterhood • Yoni Egg and more.


 May 19th-24th 2020


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Ubud Feminine Essence Healing Day

Personal Feminine Healing and Priestess Empowerments available throughout the year In Ubud

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Body Love Retreat

Oceanside North Bali


With Wilhemeena Munroe






Feminine Yoga & Sensual Self Care

Transformational Women’s Retreat 


6th-11th June 2020




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Deepening into Intimacy For Men and women

A guided journey of playful & profound exploration of embodiment & authentic connection for couples and singles


"I arrived home feeling so much softer than when I left. Life is more easeful and I really feel like I have gained the tools to maintain and support being softer with myself and in my approach to life. I am more confident and feel like I have stepped up, that I am closer to my true self than ever before. It is such a powerful and comforting place to live from. "


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