Sonja Shradha Devi

 With 20 years experience as a nomadic yogini, priestess, therapist, healer and teacher of tantric feminine practices. Sonja Shradha Devi supports women to reclaim their wild feminine power and be sovereign (and sexy) channels for love and healing.

A wild and mystical woman who dances ecstatically at every opportunity, Shradha shares her wisdom online from her jungle home in Bali and travels the world offering powerful group healing rituals, intimacy & empowerment workshops and women’s retreats. 

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I offer tools & opportunities for women to release pain from the past and  long held tension and grief.

I support women to release sexual trauma, transform body shame, heal vaginal numbness & open up to more aliveness, pleasure & vitality.

I offer the road maps from living a masculine driven life filled with stress, tension and yearning for more, TO a feminine centred life infused with self love, sensuality and deep purpose.

I am here to support you to OPEN to more energy and love, The Tantric practices I share facilitate deep transformation in a loving and gentle but powerful way.


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Sexual Healing and Sacred Sexuality practices

These practices prepare us to channel greater levels of energy and pleasure and utilise our creative life force as a medicine and a force for awakening.

For modern women seeking to heal from past trauma or breathe fresh life into their sexuality these are invaluable,  creative and nurturing  pathways to access our erotic innocence and inherent sensuality, sensitivity and confidence.

This includes

*Sacred Sexual Meditations

*The Jade or Yoni Egg

*Toaist Sexual Vitality techniques

 *Practices for 'de-conditioning' from old programs and creating new empowering ways of relating to sexual feelings and energy.

Great for, Low libido, being ‘in your head in bed’, numb sexual organs and/or inability to orgasm, unfulfilling sexual experiences and/or sexual trauma, PMS, body image issues, a feeling of not feeling juicy, excited or inspired by life


Feminine embodiment & empowerment practices

These practices tap us into our naturally ecstatic state as women.

These are practices that get us OUT of our heads and INTO our bodies and cultivate a sense of deep safety, connection and confidence in who we are.

This includes

* Skillful emotional release to release deeply held trauma and stagnation and invite fresh life force energy to nourish the body and mind.

* Activating the internal navigation system (connecting into inner guidance & feminine wisdom)

* Activating and circulating feminine energy through sensual flowing movement.

* Topping up our adrenal energy and the Art of Feminine Rejuvenation.

Great for Feeling of low self worth and disconnection from your body/partner/ your passion…inability to give and receive in healthy ways ..addictions of all kinds…Low energy, low confidence, inability to access inner guidance or create healthy boundaries, , difficulty in creating a happy healthy lifestyle.

Intimacy and conscious relating transformation

These are the pathways and practices that prepare us to create healthy loving conscious relationships and enjoy deeply nourishing sexual experiences.

This includes;

* Cracking the codes of your relationship patterns (so you don’t have to play them out unconsciously again and again )

* Moving through stuckness and defences and opening the body to greater levels of capacity for love, deep feeling and openness.

* Ninja Communication skills to move through conflict effectively and express needs and desires and create healthy boundaries and liberating clarity in all your relationships

Great for, Everyone who is in any kind of relationship (all of us) but particularly anyone who has difficulty in maintaining or attracting fulfilling relationships and / or inability to own and express needs and experience deep intimacy.


Looking for love in all the wrong places?

What I have found in my own journey, and in my work with hundreds of women all over the world, is that when women begin to connect with Wild Sacred Feminine wisdom, that instead of needing to fill up on energy and love from sources outside of themselves (for example through comfort eating, material objects, attention from men, and approval from authority figures etc)

That we find an incredible reservoir of love, inspiration, fulfilment, ecstasy and pleasure IN OUR OWN BODY.

Honestly, after years of devoting myself to the practice and exploration of energy practices which awaken feminine energy, sometimes I literally SWOON from the delicious sensations that bubble up from inside my own body.

I am here to show you the way back to the wisdom in your body and show you that you are powerful beyond measure.

How does it feel to be connected to your Wild Sacred Feminine ?

It feels like sweet connection, it feels like the kind of deep fulfilment you have been yearning for, it feels like the universe making love to you and expressing itself through you.


My qualifications & experience

  • I am a qualified Tao Tantra Facilitator (Tao Tantric Arts), Yoga Teacher ( 20 years of daily practice and qualifications in Shadow & Satyananda). I am an advanced Thai Yoga Massage therapist  and Instructor (The Sunshine network) and Holistic Health Coach ( Institute of Integrative Nutrition).
  •  In my 20's I had a successful private practice in London with clients ranging from millionaires’ and movie stars to housewives- and everything in between.
  • I am deeply informed by 20 years of dedicated spiritual practice and wild nature connection. I have been blessed with both official and unofficial apprenticeships with incredible mentors. I am in gratitude for these teachers..
  • I lived in India for 7 years immersed in a deeply personal and devotional study of meditation, yoga and tantra. I have assisted in numerous Tantra Teacher Trainings in Thailand & Bali since that time.
  • These days I continue my dedication to daily spiritual practice & ritual. I live my dharma and walk my talk. I have now been leading retreats & rituals for 10 years all over the world. This is the work I was born to do.



Growing up

I was as insecure and desiring of love and validation from outside of myself as the next girl.

I was disconnected from sexual pleasure, I was eating crap food, I had zero connection to my inner guidance, basically I was kind of lost and wondering what the point was..


Life took me on a journey,
All around the world ( a few times over)

And into the deepest parts of myself,
Searching out a deeper experience of life than what I was shown growing up in suburban Australia

I dove deep into the realm of Tantric, Yogic and Shamanic Practices

And along the way I stumbled into a profound relationship… with the wonders of my feminine body.

( I had LOTS of adventures along the way which I would love to tell you about , scroll down to get some glimpses into my wild ride..)

In my exploration of my own feminine body I discovered that womens bodies are actually wired up to have blissful mystical experiences and to live as vibrant channels for divine love and creative energy.

I discovered that the Sacred Feminine lives inside of us. That our feminine wisdom can be accessed through our wombs and hearts.

And in my work of inviting women back to this Sacred Feminine connection. I have witnessed countless transformations.

I have seen, time and time again, the transformative power of feminine embodiment practices and ritual.

Many years ago now, when I first held a ritual for women, as I watched and felt women letting go of lifetimes of grief in a short period of time, I knew I had found my purpose. 


Glimpses of the wild ride I have been on to get here..

❤I have been self employed since age 20, I have travelled to over 40 countries as a nomadic yogini solo entrepreneur,teacher and therapist and I have never worked a day in the office.

❤My deep dive into sexual healing began spontaneously during a 40 day silent meditation retreat that I created for myself in a small hut in the foothills in the himalayas.

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