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Invite more energy, love and magic into your life with Yoni Egg Magic 


Register here for the Group Journey beginning 18th March

What is the Yoni Egg Magic month?

The yoni egg is a potent healing tool for unlocking stuck energy in your pelvis and creating more magic in your the upcoming group journey you will be guided through 4 week Feminine Sensual Empowerment adventure with the Yoni Egg, in your own home and at a special introductory price.

YES- A month of immersion into yoni egg practices for vitality, sexual healing and deeper fulfilment in all areas of your life

YES-As part of the group program you get all the resources of the 'Yoni Egg Magic Program' for life AND have the opportunity to be supported in sisterhood and attend weekly live sexual healing rituals.

YES- Learn everything you need to know for a lifelong juicy, creative and enjoyable Yoni egg practice.

YES-Recieve powerful tools to activate different parts of your tantric energetic software with weekly recorded guided Tantric healing journeys.

YES- Be expertly guided to release long held tension from your pelvis and prepare yourself to attract and enjoy deeper intimacy.

YES- Get 5 x15 min audio practice sessions to easily and joyfully kick start your day (keep the audios for life)

YES- An awesome month experience  for both beginners and seasoned tantrikas


The Group Journey runs only once a year. Sign up now to Secure your place for the upcoming journey kicking off March 18th

"I have taken other courses from various Shakti and Taoist gurus, but yours are by far the best! "

Domina-Passion and Pleasure Coach

Who is The Yoni Magic Month Ideally For?

This program is for any woman who is interested in experiencing more intimacy with herself and magic in her own body and her life.

Do you by any chance relate to this ? 


You have heard about the Yoni Egg but you have been waiting for the right guidance to experiment with the possibilities 

Your yoni egg is gathering dust on the shelf because you are not quite what sure to do with it

 You find it difficult to feel inspired to keep your sensual self care practice regular- but you do want to feel more vital & sensual in your everyday life

You are curious about your orgasmic potential and eager to activate new pleasure pathways

You wish to create your own reality with conscious intention 

Great, lets go on a journey !


How Can Your Yoni Egg Practice assist your Feminine Well Being?

The Yoni Egg Practices will assist you with the following issues:

  • low energy & inspiration
  • Vaginal numbness
  • Feeling disconnected to your feminine side
  • Inability to experience satisfying sex & orgasms
  • Low Libido
  • Tension trapped in your body

What Do You Get as part of the Group Journey?

The Group Run of this program is a special annual offering that allows you to receive additional personal motivation and support with the program.

4 weeks of comprehensive Guidance

Through instructional audios & videos you will explore different flavours of embodied feminine magic.

Each week you have a morning/evening practice, a weekend healing journey and info to absorb over the week.

Week 1 -Self love activation

Week 2- Let go of the past-rewire your energetics 

Week 3-Nourish yourself deeply.

Week 4-Activate your Sensual Power. and learn to manifest with sexual energy.



Personal Mentoring & Energy Empowerment

As part of the group journey you will be included in an online group where you can receive personal support and mentoring and have the opportunity to join the weekly Live Sexual Healing Rituals.

At the end of this month you will have shifted stuck energy out of your system and awakened a whole load of fresh energy in your body.

You will be equipped to keep on creating Yoni Egg Magic in your life to support your vitality as a woman.



Life long resources that are Easy to Use

You can download the audios to your phone/computer for easy access anytime, any place.

If you are concerned you will not have the time or motivation to complete this month FEAR NOT

This program is designed to be adaptable and easily fit into your schedule (and juicy enough to keep you engaged).

If you have any additional concerns or enquiries go ahead and ask just click  here

Why You’ll Love The Yoni Egg Magic Month:

πŸ’— Appropriate for ALL women of all ages & any level of of experience

πŸ’— Online resources that allow you to have a tantric revolution in your own home

πŸ’— Designed to EMPOWER you to have a daily practice that you LOVE

πŸ’—Learn the skills to heal yourself and create more beauty in your life.


Sign up for the Yoni Egg Magic Month now for $222


With 20 years experience as a nomadic yogini, priestess, therapist, empowerment coach and teacher of tantric feminine practices, Sonja Shradha Devi inspires women to embrace their role as powerful, sovereign (and sexy) channels for love and healing. She will hold a powerful space for you to experience potently nourishing feminine practices for full body healing and awakening.


Does NOT Include

Please note that the cost for the month journey does not include a Yoni Egg. But I can direct you in the right direction for that.Contact me here if you need advice in purchasing an egg for the journey

Made with only the highest intentions

This program was created with love and prayer as on offering to the rising of the feminine here on earth. 


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