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Wild Sacred Feminine


Deep Empowerment for Awakening Women

with Sonja Shradha Devi

Many women come to me because they feel unsatisfied and they yearn to feel more FREE and OPEN and more connected to their feminine energy, purpose, sensuality & power. 


I will guide you to heal and nourish your feminine body on the deepest level, and embody your full potential as a fulfilled and empowered woman.

You can begin right now!


The feminine practices I share connect you to your Juicy Feminine Power,

Create powerful shifts in your life, in your body &

in your relationships.


I will guide you through your healing journey -

wherever you are in the world!


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"“Working with Shradha has truly changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I feel empowered from deep within, firmly rooted into my femininity and with a sense of freedom in how I relate to my body, sensuality and sexuality. I’ve never met anyone who is able to make sacred deep work so simple and so much FUN!” "


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Sensualize your Life

7 Day Online Womens Sensual Empowerment journey.  Get OUT of the pushing and striving and DIVE INTO your Juicy Feminine Flow.

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The Sensual Flows

The latest set of morning practices for women are finally here! Dive into YOUR sensual flow with these powerful yogic and tantric practices 

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Bali Retreat 2020

Join us for a life changing journey into Self Love, Authentic Power and Sacred Sexuality in a secret location in the jungle in Bali.

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Receive Support for your Healing Journey

In my online sessions I will guide you to heal deep emotional patterns and blockages, and bring fresh life and love into your body and your relationships.

"'Sonja’s guidance is Goddess sent ! After the birth of my daughter my body changed dramatically and I felt very disconnected from my sensual self. I used her meditations daily while having a bath and found them to be the perfect remedy to 'come back to myself' and essential to helping me feel juicy as a new mum. The practices taught me new ways to relate to my female body, I certainly feel more beautiful on the inside and more radiant in the world.’ "

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Awaken Your Sexuality
Free Training Series for Women

In this 4-part video training series you will:

  • Get on the right track for healing those past traumas or blockages, preventing you from experiencing the full pleasure, power and sacredness of your sexuality
  • Learn how to express your sexuality in a way that feels nourishing, natural and empowering
  • Easily attract those intimate and highly-fulfilling relationships you truly desire




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